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Compatibility with all the
CRM tools on the market

High deliverability platform

Connection to more than 900 operators

Boost your marketing actions

Increase the impact of your communications

The mobile user is immediately notified of the arrival of the advertising SMS.

Modernize the customer relationship

An effective alternative channel, the SMS allows you to contact your customers in case of an invalid email address.

Reduce your communication costs

Low investment for a high return rate.

A solution for every marketing need

Inform your customers

Launch a new product

Increase the traffic of a point of sale

Promote an event

Build customer loyaltys

Rate satisfaction

Your SMS campaign step by step

Import your contacts

Quickly and easily download your list of recipients via a secure API.
The interface is compatible with the various CRM tools on the market.

Write your message

Create your SMS campaign in just a few clicks then preview and test before sending.

Analyse your campaigns

Access the detailed statistics of your campaigns in real time and get detailed reporting : Number of SMS sent, deliverability, answers and churn, etc...

Multiple features to programme your campaigns

Many options available:
  • Enriched message (over 160 characters)
  • Detailed search function
  • Direct or deferred sending
  • Duplicate management
  • Creation of unsubscriber lists
Maximum customisation
  • Customisation of sender and sender field
  • Customisation of the message depending on the recipient: Name, Email, loyalty card number

A tracking tool to measure the responsiveness of your campaigns

Once your campaign is complete, get a complete analysis and view all your statistics from our reporting tool :

Tracking links

Get statistics on visits and clickthrough rates on your smartpage.

Detailed campaign report

Check rates of deliverability, unsubscription, failure etc.

International coverage

Solutions for sending SMS campaigns covering more than 150 countries worldwide.

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