Push notification

Boost commitment and conversion in your mobile applications

Push notification

Your opt-in contacts receive a notification with an audible alert, a text and a badge that is added to the icon. By clicking on the notification, they are redirected to the application.

Improve engagement, retention and conversion

55% of mobile shoppers have between 3 and 10 e-commerce applications on their smartphone

Average reaction rate to mobile push notifications: 8.4%

Average opt-in rate on mobile app push notifications: 72%

Sectors with the highest opt-in rates: Telecom (49%), Travel (48%) and Finance (46%)

Boost your mobile apps with push notifications

Application reactivation

Recovery basket in the e-commerce application framework

Alert of new contents: commercial offers, informations

Transactional alert: practical informations, delay alerts

Multiple features to manage your push notifications

  • Creating your simplified message
  • Inactive user management
  • Statistics available by OS
  • Compatible with the main OS of the market: IOS, Android and Windows
  • Activation in one click, no specific development or plugin
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