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Monetise your telephone databases on the web and optimise your marketing campaigns with powerful professional tools.

Hotline & Interactive Voice Server

Choose the right solutions for a qualitative, intuitive and efficient telephone reception.


Connection service

Monetise your telephone databases on the web with special numbers (08 type).


Call Tracking

Track and analyse the origin of calls and discover how to optimise your campaigns and your ROI.


Conference Call

Organise your conference calls efficiently and professionally.


A powerful back office to support you

Installation in 3 clicks

Standard installation by Plug & Play
Total customisation of your solution
Dedicated technical support

Monitoring and statistical analysis

Statistics in real time
Analysis by duration, resource, payment, etc.
History of your gains

Billing management

Payment at the beginning of the month
Generation and issuing of invoices
History of your payback claims

Customer cases is one of the main french web directories of professionnals.

Each professionnal registered on has a unique phone number that tracks his calls and routes to his real phone number.

The solution helps customer to understand the value of every phone call they receive from the platform. is the # 1 website for legal and financial information on French companies. monetises the connection service between the user and the companies listed in its directory. It also offers complementary services such as get the VAT number thanks to special numbers (089xxxxxx type).

Optelo installed a solution of turning numbers to assign a call connection number to a business listing when the user clicks on the button ' Display the number.'
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