Payment on internet invoice

> Micropayment solutions
The user makes the payment from his computer. The amount is debited automatically on the invoice of the user's ISP.

Only in France.

Market benefits - ISP Billing

Optimum conversion rate : purchase in 2 clicks

Wide choice of levels, ranging from 2€ to 30€

Ultra competitive paybacks.

Choice of terms : On a one-off basis or by subscription

Set your own facial value

Immediate debit on the end-user ISP bill

End user experience

  • The user selects his ISP and accepts the amount to pay. The amount will be charged on his ISP bill.

  • An 8-digit code is instantly displayed and refers to this purchase.

  • The user inserts the code (whose period of validity is limited) on the publisher's website and has direct access to the desired content.

Example of customer journey
ISP Billing

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